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How to be Human

A few weeks ago, I was invited as a guest on the Creative Marketing Zone’s podcast, hosted by Eric Koch. I spoke about how to improve your online presence and the elements that help to make brands more human.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about what it means to be human — and not just for brands, but for all of us.

From an anthropological, sociological perspective, to be human means to walk upright, to have evolved body shapes, a complex brain, the ability to communicate through language and symbols, and to share food, care for others and build social networks. In the last decade or so, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, among others, have empowered people to demonstrate their humanity in different ways, for better or for worse.

Thanks to our complex brains, and ability to communicate, we can also share our stories with others. These stories helps us to understand things from different perspectives, exposing us to different points of view and new experiences. No where is this more prevalent than on social media.

My favorite moments on social media are when stories are shared in an effort to help others see things from another perspective, to help them step outside their privilege. Whether it’s share what it’s like to be sexually harassed on a regular basis, or to be Black in America, or to learn how access to affordable health care has saved lives — the stories we share on social media help make complex issues more relatable.

When we share stories that help people understand things from new perspectives, the “other” becomes more real to us. When we have conversations with people, whether in real life or online, we become more connected. Sharing stories helps us relate to others and while we might not agree, we can definitely empathize more, which shows our humanity.

Some say, to be human is to make mistakes. I’d also add, that to be human is to tell stories. We all have a story to tell — brands, too. Having the confidence to share it with others can often be the best way for us to learn from one another, better understand one another and want to engage with others — in the hopes of building better relationships and earning respect.

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