Work Hard and Be Nice to People

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I often get asked how I’m able to manage my social media presence. The question confuses me. “What do you mean? How do I physically manage the different accounts where I am active?” “No,” they clarify, “How do you maintain your authentic self? How do separate the personal from the professional?” It’s an interesting question, […]

Great Customer Experience Comes First

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I work with a variety of companies — big, small, retail, non-profit — but regardless of who their audience is, they all have a responsibility to deliver a customer experience that not only meets the needs of the community, but aims to exceed it by listening and responding accordingly. That’s where I come in. In […]

Proud to Be Type B

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My name is Marisa and I am Type B. Though, I am not ashamed of this, in many entrepreneurial circles it’s an unpopular declaration to make. If you read enough entrepreneurial blogs, it seems that to run a successful business you must be a perfectionist or micro-manager. I am not this, which isn’t to say […]

Why Transparency Rules

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I’ve been working since I was 15. For more than half my life I’ve had the privilege of working for others in a variety of organizations. Each job has taught me different life skills as well as those which have contributed to my overall skill set as a marketer and strategist. While each manager, director […]