What Can a Bagel Shop Teach Us About the Community Experience?

In October, one of my clients and I presented at LavaCon, a digital media strategies conference in Portland. Mary Beall Adler, CEO and owner of the Georgetown Bagelry – one of my first clients -presented a case study about how her bagel shop – a fixture of the DC area – leveraged her amazing community of customers to streamline business processes and increase revenue.

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Mary and I began working together in 2010. Together, our passion for community building and creative approaches to business and leadership helped the bagelry grow in new ways.

Social media has always played a strong role in Mary’s business. Once we were able to build a consistent framework so that it could be maintained and managed, we began to strategize about how we can streamline many of the business processes that plagued the bagelry.

I don’t know much about running a bagel shop, but it was definitely clear that there were ways that we could make things run more efficiently. Mary, because she lives and breathes bagels and the shop, knows these processes inside and out and is always looking to improve them.

By outlining the problems we wanted to solve, we were able to improve online [and in-store] revenue considerably.

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It’s Not About Social Media; It’s About the Strategy

I may call myself a social media strategist, but I’m actually an investigator, an explorer, and a mad scientist. Most clients come to me for help with their social media, but to even get to the point where we can successfully implement a social media strategy, there is so much we have to learn about the company, its community and content.

via wikimedia commons

via wikimedia commons

It’s not unusual for a company to have a subjective perspective about its audience or about the types of content used to engage them. Small business owners may claim that “Twitter isn’t working” for them or that they “can’t get Facebook” to drive sales or traffic. While it can be frustrating, having trouble connecting social media to your business outcomes rarely is the fault of social media; rather it’s the strategy (or lack of one, as it may be) that isn’t working.

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Client Spotlight: Georgetown Bagelry

The Georgetown Bagelry and I have worked together since 2010. In fact, the Bagelry’s owner, Mary Beall Adler was one of my first clients. In our work together, Mary and I have strived to harness the amazing power and spirit of her store’s community so we can provide the best customer experience online and in-store.

Mary and her amazing team of artisan bagel makers make it so easy for someone like me (a social media strategist) to show off her strengths. Their dedication to services extends easily beyond delivering the perfect bagel (which they’re always evolving) to create a holistic and valuable community experience. Whether you’re following the bagelry on  social media or walking into the store, you can feel the positive energy flow — you can’t help but smile!

Rise and bagel! http://GeorgetownBagelry.com #Bagelit

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