Invest in Social Media Success

via Palmer's Planners

via Palmer’s Planners,

It’s been predicted that business leaders will increase their social media budgets in 2014. As organic reach declines across Facebook and Twitter, it’s inevitable that companies will be forced to pay to promote their posts to a wider audience. And while mobile advertising and traditional display advertising will also eat up a sizable portion of budgets, that’s not the only way social media management will cost more this year.

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How You Treat Your Employees is Indicative of How You Run Your Business

walkthetalkThere’s great debate about what makes a company or organization great. Is it the leadership or the Esprit de corps? In an era of the empowered employee, where innovation can result from just about anywhere within a company and collaborative work initiatives help to break down knowledge silos, they way workers are treated can be the difference between bold innovation and stagnation. I’ve worked for organizations where employees were an after thought, as well as those where employees were respected and regarded as a valued asset and what I’ve found is that it comes down to how a company portrays its relationship with employees to its audience. It’s one thing to ‘talk the talk’ and another to actually ‘walk the walk’, but when companies can be transparent and truthful about how they regard their employees to the wider world, it definitely helps to elevate its level of commitment and investment in its workers. Continue reading

Proud to Be Type B

My name is Marisa and I am Type B. Though, I am not ashamed this, in many entrepreneurial circles it’s an unpopular declaration to make. If you read enough entrepreneurial blogs, it seems that to run a successful business you must be a perfectionist or micro-manager. I am not this, which isn’t to say that I don’t want things done well or am not prone to obsessive tendencies

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