Is Your Business Card Socially Active?

When I attend events, it’s inevitable that I’ll acquire business cards. If I’m lucky, I’ve remembered to bring my own. As a social media strategist, I don’t always appreciate the business card, but I understand its purpose. Though I love seeing the creative designs employed, I wish there was an easier way to collect info at a social event — that didn’t involve paper. However, if you’re going to be handing out little pieces of paper with your information shouldn’t you use the opportunity to promote yourself?

Great example of a social media business card. via PaperPleaseStudio on Etsy

Great example of a social media business card. via PaperPleaseStudio on Etsy

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Will Work for Social Change

Each year, The Strategic Peacock makes an effort to donate services to local organizations who may not be able to invest in professional online media services. There are so many wonderful, local organizations working hard to make a difference and because they put 100% of their resources into helping their communities, there’s not always enough left to invest in their communications strategy.


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Saying Goodbye to CMSWire

It’s never easy to say goodbye. Yet, sometimes moving on can mean exploring new opportunities and throwing yourself fully into an on-going adventure. At the end of year, I’ll be leaving CMSWire to do just that.

It’s strange how a serendipitous act can open up a world of possibilities. My journey to CMSWire began so simply, but  took me to amazing places.

Source: LittleLifeDesigns

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