The Strategic Peacock: Fall Tour 2014

FalltourIt’s September — a time when students and teachers head back to school. I love the start of a new school year, but alas as a business owner, I don’t always get to start fresh after a summer respite. As such, I’ve come to divide my calendar year into two parts — part 1 and part 2. During the first part of the year, I make an effort to learn and experiment. During the second part of the year, I make a concerted effort to put what I’ve learned into practice — usually by speaking at conferences. Last year, I was fortunate to speak at a plethora of conferences around the country. This year, I am lucky to do so again. Here’s where you can find me speaking this fall.

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The Problem With Goals

When I work with small businesses, the subject of goals is bound to come up. To understand what a company is working towards helps to drive strategies at play. As helpful as goals are, having a plan of action is better.

Companies who have goals set in stone can’t be agile. And agility is the key to success — especially where social media is concerned. Algorithms change. Platforms change. Audiences change. As a result, businesses need to embrace change and have workflows in place that can adapt easily.

It’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to.

In college, I studied motivational psychology. My thesis examined why some athletes were able to rebound after injury, while others didn’t. In graduate school, I studied the driving force behind communities. The common theme is agility (and a high degree of intrinsic motivation). Being able to adapt to your surroundings or new realities is critical to one’s success.

So why, when it comes to business, are we force-fed the idea that we have to have big hairy audacious goals? Why aren’t we encouraged to have a plan of action, instead? Probably, because it requires work. It’s easier and more impressive to say that “by 2020, I plan to be a billionaire”, instead of saying how you plan to make it happen. Continue reading

Is Your Business Card Socially Active?

When I attend events, it’s inevitable that I’ll acquire business cards. If I’m lucky, I’ve remembered to bring my own. As a social media strategist, I don’t always appreciate the business card, but I understand its purpose. Though I love seeing the creative designs employed, I wish there was an easier way to collect info at a social event — that didn’t involve paper. However, if you’re going to be handing out little pieces of paper with your information shouldn’t you use the opportunity to promote yourself?

Great example of a social media business card. via PaperPleaseStudio on Etsy

Great example of a social media business card. via PaperPleaseStudio on Etsy

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