Create Your Own Narrative.

Play like a girlI was in high school when Nike launched it’s ‘Play Like a Girl‘ campaign. The campaign played a pivotal role in changing the narrative of women in sports. More than 15 years later, playing like a girl is no longer an insult, but a warrior cry. To play like a girl means playing tennis like the Williams’ sisters, scoring like members of the USA Olympic Hockey Team, or running like┬áTiki Gelana.

Any great spin doctor knows that changing the narrative is the key to creating your own story. That’s what Sheryl Sandberg is aiming to do by encouraging women to Lean In. The campaign is inspiring and has empowered women to tell their stories about how they achieved a seat in the boardroom. Slowly, the story of what an executive looks like is changing.

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Client Spotlight: Georgetown Bagelry

The Georgetown Bagelry and I have worked together since 2010. In fact, the Bagelry’s owner, Mary Beall Adler was one of my first clients. In our work together, Mary and I have strived to harness the amazing power and spirit of her store’s community so we can provide the best customer experience online and in-store.

Mary and her amazing team of artisan bagel makers make it so easy for someone like me (a social media strategist) to show off her strengths. Their dedication to services extends easily beyond delivering the perfect bagel (which they’re always evolving) to create a holistic and valuable community experience. Whether you’re following the bagelry on ┬ásocial media or walking into the store, you can feel the positive energy flow — you can’t help but smile!

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Invest in Social Media Success

via Palmer's Planners

via Palmer’s Planners,

It’s been predicted that business leaders will increase their social media budgets in 2014. As organic reach declines across Facebook and Twitter, it’s inevitable that companies will be forced to pay to promote their posts to a wider audience. And while mobile advertising and traditional display advertising will also eat up a sizable portion of budgets, that’s not the only way social media management will cost more this year.

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