Shake Your Tail Feathers! The Strategic Peacock is 5 Years Old!

Shake Your Tail FeathersThis June, I’m celebrating 5 years of the Strategic Peacock! Over the past 5 years I’ve worked with more than 25 small businesses, non-profit organizations and schools to help them optimize their online presence, as well as their strategies for sustaining and evolving their presence.

To be honest, five years went by pretty quickly. So much so, that I took a moment to think about all that I’ve learned since the start.  Continue reading

Customer Experience Management Is The Answer

Successful companies put their customers first. However, when it comes to managing customer relationships, many companies fall behind. Failing to invest in the customer experience can drastically impact how people regard your brand.

From websites and social media, across touch points and transactions, the customer experience can be a lot to manage. How do you put all the pieces together? I’m glad you asked. The good folks at Sprinklr put together an ebook called The Survival Guide to Customer Experience to help.


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