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Connecting With Social Shoppers

In its June issue, which sought to understand “what makes Millennials tick?” RetailerNow magazine published an article I wrote about Connecting with Social Shoppers. Here’s an excerpt:

Shopping combines relationships, connections and conversations with purchasing. Sometimes it’s more about the relationships — when we take our best friend to go the outlets; other times it’s about the purchase — when we want to get the best deal. Every time a consumer consults others in an effort to make a more informed purchasing decision, it can affect your company. What people are saying about you and your products can influence what people buy.

There is much to gain by leveraging the loyalty and sustained satisfaction that social media can bring. Successful social media campaigns start with understanding the behaviors associated with your audience. Here are some best practices designed to get the most out of social media as you launch campaigns to connect with customers.

Read the full article.

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