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Client Spotlight: Georgetown Bagelry

The Georgetown Bagelry and I have worked together since 2010. In fact, the Bagelry’s owner, Mary Beall Adler was one of my first clients. In our work together, Mary and I have strived to harness the amazing power and spirit of her store’s community so we can provide the best customer experience online and in-store.

Mary and her amazing team of artisan bagel makers make it so easy for someone like me (a social media strategist) to show off her strengths. Their dedication to services extends easily beyond delivering the perfect bagel (which they’re always evolving) to create a holistic and valuable community experience. Whether you’re following the bagelry on  social media or walking into the store, you can feel the positive energy flow — you can’t help but smile!

Over the years, Mary and I have implemented many user experience enhancements designed to streamline ordering processes. On any given weekend, there will be a line out the door. To help customers order more efficiently, we encouraged them to order online so they could avoid the line. While this was helpful to the busy weekday crowd, we discovered that Mary’s customers actually enjoyed waiting in line on the weekends — as it was an opportunity for them to chat and connect with others in the community!

Georgetown’s Bagelry’s success has resulted in being voted “Best Bagel” award in 20092011 and 2012 from the Washington D.C. City Paper (we’re still awaiting the results from 2013!). Recently, it was included on Mashable’s list of 32 Small Businesses “killing it on social.

So what’s the secret to Georgetown’s Bagelry social success? Its willingness to experiment — whether it’s posting fun “behind the scenes” video or offering valuable “check-in” promotions, Mary and her team are always willing to try new things. Additionally, Mary’s authenticity as small business owner, community member and supporter is never in doubt. In her blog or social media updates, she’s up front about how the water heater needs to be fixed or how she is working to perfect the recipe for an everything bagel.

georgetown bagelry Facebook post

Georgetown Bagelry’s social media success has little to do with the platforms used (though they do play a role); rather it’s due to the shop’s reputation and Mary’s magnetic personality. People want to engage with businesses who have fun AND deliver an amazing product.

It’s that easy.

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