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Some people have a stack of books by the side of their bed. Me, I have stack of podcasts that pile up on iTunes. I love podcasts because they can go anywhere. When I drove to an office or took the metro to work, I would use that opportunity to listen to podcasts. Not only was it entertaining and educational, it also made me feel productive.Typically, the podcasts I listen to are a weekly series on specifics topic of varying length.  On the surface, the topics may not seem relevant to what I do as a marketing consultant and social media strategist – but actually, they feed me great ideas because they present different perspectives.

Like avid readers, I go through ebbs and flows of listening. Now that I work from a home office, I’ve had to carve out time to listen to podcasts. Though I often work with the television on, which requires only a passive kind of listening or attention; when I choose to listen to podcasts, I must try harder to focus on what is being said, which can challenge my active listening skills.

Here are a few different Podcast series that I listen to and that I recommend for those looking for new perspectives.

Planet Money

During the housing crisis, NPR’s Planet Money team spent several episodes explaining about mortgage-backed securities, liquid assets and Moody’s & Standard & Poor’s ratings, which all played an active role. Because Planet Money uses creative ways to explain complex financial concepts, the financial industry has definitely become more interesting to me.

Planet Money: What Comes After Fannie and Freddie?

Harvard Business Review IdeaCasts

HBR IdeaCasts are like little golden nuggets of knowledge for your brain. Want to talk to a MIT scholar or nuclear scientist or the founders of Twitter? HBR does, too. For 15 minutes, you’ll get an informative and introspective look into varying topics – all which pertain to elements of productivity, communication and psychology.

HBR IdeaCast: Productivity, Multitasking, and the Death of the Phone

On the Media

WNYC produces a weekly series dedicated to examining different elements of the media. From print to digital to trends in television, On The Media presents a thorough investigation guaranteed to pique your interest.

On the Media: The Conclusion of the Blow the Whistle Project

These are the three main podcasts I listen to regularly, but I often supplement them with This American Life, Studio 360 and Radio Lab. Whether on a long car trip, train ride or at my desk, podcasts are the perfect addition to my day.

Do you have a favorite podcast? If so, please share.

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