Proud to Be Type B

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My name is Marisa and I am Type B. Though, I am not ashamed of this, in many entrepreneurial circles it’s an unpopular declaration to make. If you read enough entrepreneurial blogs, it seems that to run a successful business you must be a perfectionist or micro-manager. I am not this, which isn’t to say […]

Introducing The Strategic Peacock

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Today it’s official. I left my attorney’s office having signed the official corporate documents turning Marisa Peacock into The Strategic Peacock, LLC. What does this mean, exactly? It means that after a year and a half of being a full-time social media strategist and marketing consultant, I am growing into something bigger than myself.

Time to Relax

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This past week I spent on top of a mountain, relaxing. Alone with my boyfriend, our dog and a week to recharge ourselves after a busier than usual summer proved very beneficial. This is the second year in a row that we’ve rented a cabin in the WISP mountains and I can’t wait to do […]

Taking Care of Business

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As a full-time, self-employed consultant, my health and retirement benefits must be taken care of separately. While having private insurance isn’t necessarily expensive, it’s not always easy to figure it out. Fortunately I’ve found a few great women to assist me. Thanks to their help I am well on my way to being healthy, happy […]

Social Behavior Modification

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Recently we enrolled our dog in a social behavior modification training program at Performance Dogs to help him socialize better with dogs and people, while getting lots of exercise. We rescued Sampson, a blue Pit Bull, more than two years ago. And while we don’t think he was physically abused, we do know that he […]

Why Transparency Rules

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I’ve been working since I was 15. For more than half my life I’ve had the privilege of working for others in a variety of organizations. Each job has taught me different life skills as well as those which have contributed to my overall skill set as a marketer and strategist. While each manager, director […]

My Book Podcast List

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Some people have a stack of books by the side of their bed. Me, I have stack of podcasts that pile up on iTunes. I love podcasts because they can go anywhere. When I drove to an office or took the metro to work, I would use that opportunity to listen to podcasts. Not only […]

Why I Love Semantic Technologies

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This year I spent Valentine’s Day with Watson. Watson, of course is IBM’s super computer that is competing on Jeopardy against accomplished champions of the game show. The three-day event aims to show-off Watson’s computer skills and ability to answer natural language questions. So far, so good. And I am in love.