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A New Year’s Resolution

As we look ahead to the new year, it’s hard not to get lost in predictions and retrospects. For many small businesses, the goal is simply to maintain rather than evolve. However, I strongly encourage all companies, big and small, to pick one thing to learn more about, or grow, or implement in 2011. Whether it’s developing a mobile app, creating more interactive web content, signing up for Foursquare or engaging fans on your Facebook page — whatever it is, make it happen and choose to cultivate it year-long.

Don’t just create, commit.

Whatever it is that you do, don’t make it a secondary project. Make it a part of primary projects and decisions. Instead of making updates to your Facebook page an afterthought, for example, make updates a part of your overall marketing strategy. Write engaging copy for your website before you draft content for a print brochure.

Keep track of your progress and set goals.

Where do you want to be a year from today? Write it down. Tweet it. Declare it in a blog post. Not only will this help you stay on track, it will hold you and your company accountable. Maybe you want more Facebook fans — how do you plan to do it? Include more links to your page? or paid advertising? Work backwards if you have to, outlining benchmarks you’d like to achieve along the way.

Do one thing well.

Too often we get overwhelmed thinking about all the different ways that we can be implementing social media and web strategies. For many, it’s not possible (nor is it recommended) to do everything at once. Learn how to do one thing well and then build off of it. Think of each new year as an opportunity to build off of the successes (or failures!) of the last one.

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